Investment Criteria

Park Square focuses on investing in high-quality levered companies in Europe and the US with the following characteristics:

  • Defensive businesses with leading market positions
  • Profitable companies with stable and predictable cash flows
  • Favourable investment structures
  • Leading private equity sponsors
  • Experienced management teams

Park Square carries out fundamental credit analysis on each potential investment, drawing on the deep experience of the investment team, a broad network of industry experts, and extensive scenario modelling. The aim is to build diversified portfolios of investments that are capable of generating attractive risk-adjusted returns across the market cycle.

Park Square’s market knowledge and deep network of long-standing relationships across Europe and the US provides access to a broad range of investment opportunities:

  1. Primary markets

In primary markets, Park Square originates, structures and anchors leveraged transactions, providing senior and subordinated debt, as well as minority equity positions

  1. Secondary markets

In secondary markets, Park Square uses its deep knowledge of credit to build positions in both performing and stressed debt instruments at times of price dislocation

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